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one of Europe’s leading crowdinvestment platforms!

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On Companisto, one of the leading crowd investment platforms in Europe, we are launching a campaign with which we are looking for investors for our growth phase.

What makes Companisto particularly attractive to us? That the platform not only appeals to business angels and venture capitalists, but also to you, our customers! Because here everyone can invest as much as their own wallet and risk appetite allow: From a minimum investment of 100€ you could also become an investor.


Accompany us on

our way!

Idana has been developed, a broad base of anamnesis questionnaires exists and in some practices and clinics our software is already in use – time for us to continue growing!

Our vision of a medicine of tomorrow becomes reality and you can become a part of it with your investment. With lucrative profit sharing, which is also worthwhile for you. Become a Companist and accompany us on our way!

This is how it works

You’re convinced of Idana?
Become an investor

If Idana has convinced you, take the chance and become part of our Crowdinvestment-Community.

Our Crowdinvestment campaign offers you the chance to become part of the StartUp business world.

Companisto offers you an attractive investment opportunity!

You can choose the investment amount as you wish. With a minimum investment of 100 €, the Crowdinvestment-Platform Companisto also allows “microinvestments”.

In return for your investment, you will receive a profit share that is paid out once a year*.

One click takes you to Companisto!

Here you will find all the information you need to get to know Idana from an investor’s perspective – financial plans, growth forecasts and a detailed market analysis inform you about the opportunities and returns of an investment.

To invest, please create a free account on Companisto.

Follow this link to access our profile on Companisto:

Important: If you would like to invest, please use the link above so that we receive your investment completely without commission payment.


*Companisto offers you a share in the profit and in the event of a sale of the start-up (exit participation).
Investments are invested for several years (“long-term investments”) and offer a long-term profit and exit participation.
The exact participation rate per € 5 invested can be found in our profile on Companisto.

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