Your assistant for the medical history

Idana supports you while assessing and documenting the medical history – simply, conveniently and according to the highest quality standards.

Features & Conditions


Full access to all contents and functions.


Transparency through pay-per-use-billing.


No hidden charges: No setup and maintenance fees.


No minimum term: Idana can be cancelled at any time.


Our introductory offer for you: digital forms for declaration of consent.

As a registered Idana user, you can use our data protection declaration of consent free of charge, digitally and without documentation effort.

0,50 €


pro Befragung

10€  per month / minimum term

An amount of 0.50 € will be charged per survey. You can select and combine as many questionnaires as you like.

Invoices are sent by email at the end of the month. You keep track of your surveys! We only require a minimum monthly turnover of 10 € to cover administration and server costs. Pay by invoice or conveniently by SEPA direct debit mandate.

All prices include VAT.

Your Storage Options


Idana SafeCloud 


Idana in the SafeCloud variant stores the data in the cloud database after encryption and offers maximum convenience with maximum data protection.



Idana Local – with the database on your own server

For customers who want to host their data collected with Idana on their own servers or databases, we have developed Idana Local.

Idana Local offers the above contents and functions under the same conditions, but stores all patient data in a local database.

Idana Local is available to all users as an add-on module.

Try Idana for 30 days for free!

We at Idana believe that there are certain things you have to experience yourself – that’s why we offer you the opportunity to test our anamnesis assistant extensively: Try Idana for 30 days, at your own pace and in your usual working environment!

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The information provided by Idana may not be interpreted or used as a substitute for medical advice and therapy. The application is not intended to replace or provide a basis for medical diagnoses and/or treatments. The application is not a medical device according to its intended purpose. The provider accepts no liability for consequences resulting from the user or third parties using the data and information entered or generated.