Here you will find simple solutions to the most common challenges and our FAQ.

Solutions for Common Problems

Problems during Installation

The installation does not start.

Please check if your antivirus program may block the installation. Disable the anti-virus program for installation at short notice.

I get a message that the installation of the program is a risk for the PC.

Idana is still a comparatively new software. As a result, some browsers may display an error message assessing Idana as a security risk. You can safely select the “Run Anyway” command to install Idana.

Problems during Login

I cannot log in.

Check your entries (e-mail address/password). Remember that the login password and PIN must be different.

If the login is not accepted despite correct input, close the program and open it again. Now enter your login data again.

If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot password”. You will receive an email to reset your password. Then enter a new login password.

I receive the error message "An error occurred while processing the login".

Close and restart the program. Now enter your login data again. Remember that the login password and the decryption PIN are different.

If the same error message still appears, check your Internet connection.

There may have been a software update and Idana is now available in a newer version. If this is the case, you will receive a message about a software update. Do this by following the installation instructions of the program and then reopen Idana.

You should now receive an update message. A newer version of the program has been uploaded. Install it by following the installation instructions of the program and then open the program again.

The software update is not performed.

It may take some time for you to receive the message for an existing update.

If Idana does not update automatically, you can download the latest version of Idana from Then log in as usual with your login data.

Problems while Starting the Survey

I don't see any questionnaires to choose from.

There could be several reasons:

  1. Check whether you have selected a language. To do this, select the language menu and tap the desired language.
  2. Check if your computer is still connected to the Internet. Idana requires an Internet connection to configure the survey.

If still no questionnaires are displayed for selection, restart Idana.

Should the problem nevertheless occur frequently, please contact our support using the contact form below.

No QR code is displayed in the last step of the survey configuration.

After configuring the survey, the QR code should be displayed. A disconnected Internet connection is often the reason why the QR code is not displayed. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet and restart Idana if necessary.

Should the problem nevertheless occur frequently, please contact our support using the contact form below.

The QR code is not recognized in the app.

Move the tablet or smartphone back and forth. Increase and decrease the distance between your tablet or smartphone and screen. By readjusting the app, it should be able to recognize and process the QR code.

I receive an error message.

In most cases Idana recommends a problem solution. Proceed according to this.

If no recommendation is given, restart Idana and check the Internet connection.

Should the problem nevertheless occur frequently, please contact our support using the contact form below.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Idana offer an automatic export to the electronic patient file?

Thanks to the GDT interface, Idana can be seamlessly integrated into the existing software architecture.

Idana supports the import of patient data from the practice software, the medical history reports are then automatically stored in your practice software.

Please note that the GDT configuration has so far only been successfully tested with the practice software that cooperates with Tomes GmbH. A list of compatible systems can be found under the question “Which practice management systems/doctor information systems is Idana compatible with?”

Which practice management systems/doctor information systems is Idana compatible with?

Idana offers all customers a GDT interface free of charge. Idana has already been successfully tested for connection to the following systems:

  • Medatixx
  • Medical Office
  • Medistar
  • Pegamed
  • RED Medical
  • T2Med
  • Tomedo
  • x.Isynet
  • x.Vianova
  • x.concept mit Archivsystem e.g. Archie or Medidok
How to set up the GDT interface?

For the configuration of the GDT interface with the practice management systems Medical Office and x.Isynet, documentation is already available, others will follow shortly.  With these step-by-step instructions, you or your technical consultant can configure the GDT interface yourself.

If no documentation for your practice software is available yet, please contact our support at or your practice IT specialist.

Our technical team will be happy to support you in setting up the GDT interface via TeamViewer. The setup service costs 100 € / h and is charged per minute. Simply contact us at

Can I also use my own questionnaires for assessing the medical history?

Idana already includes a broad base of questionnaires developed by our medical team specifically for assessing the medical history based on care guidelines, as well as standardized diagnostic questionnaires.

If you also want to use your own Idana anamnesis questionnaires, our medical team will be happy to advise you. According to your wishes and needs, our medical editors will revise your questionnaires, digitize them and integrate them into Idana.

More information can be found in your Idana app, at or simply contact us at for a non-binding offer.

Can all my patients use Idana?

In the development of Idana, we have placed great emphasis on a simple and intuitive user interface, so that even older patients or patients with little or no technical affinity can operate Idana without problems. To achieve this, we do not use free text entries or touch gestures, for example. When formulating the questionnaires, we also made sure that the patient language was clear and easy to understand.

Studies show that tablet handling in the medical environment is often very successful.

Furthermore, we are always happy to receive feedback (e.g. by email to on how we can further improve user-friendliness!

Can I use Idana in conjunction with a paper patient file?

Yes, you can easily print the reports generated by Idana.

Can I print out the Idana questionnaires?

A paper version of the questionnaires does not exist, since this would be far too impractical. Please also note that our proprietary content is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced without permission.

Data Protection

Where is my data stored?

All data is encrypted before transmission and then stored in a data center in Frankfurt, Germany. This center has an ISO 27001 certified IT security management system and is also ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 certified, which regulate data security and the protection of personal data against unauthorized access.

How safe is my data?

Very safe. Our servers are managed in a highly professional manner and your data is protected against loss by regular backups. Idana only communicates with the server via encrypted HTTPS channels. All data is additionally stored encrypted on the server side.

Sensitive patient data is additionally protected locally with the help of end-to-end encryption in such a way that neither Tomes GmbH nor the data center operator, but only the doctor and authorized employees can access it. To do this, define a separate “decryption PIN”.

What happens if I forget my PIN?

If you forget your PIN, it can be recovered using the recovery key. Contact us at for more information.

When you register with Idana for the first time, the recovery key is created and saved as a .txt file. Please keep this file in a safe place that cannot be accessed by third parties.

In the Idana Desktop Client, you can retrieve and save the file with the recovery key at any time under “My Account” > “Save the recovery key”.

Please note: Without the recovery key there is no way to recover your PIN and access your data via Idana!

How long is the data stored on the server?

Your data will be stored on the server until you cancel your Idana account. After cancelling your account, the data will be stored for another 6 months before it is irrevocably deleted. However, when you cancel, you can also request that the data you have collected be deleted immediately. Idana will always remind you to create a copy of the data in order to ensure that medical documentation is required.

Is there a version of Idana where all data is stored locally?

Yes, we offer hospitals and clinics IdanaLocal, an Idana version that stores patient data in a local database. You can also find more information on this under Data Protection.

If you are interested, please contact us for a non-binding offer at


What are Idana's system requirements?

Idana currently consists of a desktop app for the doctor’s PC to configure the surveys and view the responses, and a progressive web app to allow patients to answer the questionnaires.

A permanent Internet connection (at least DSL 16000) is required to use Idana.

The desktop app runs on all Windows operating systems from Windows 7 as well as on Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite).

The web app can be used on all end devices (PC, Smartphone and Tablet). All you need is a standard Internet browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge). Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported due to various deficiencies (security and functional).


What happens after I cancel Idana?

After cancelling you can still use Idana for 6 months and view your previous data, but you cannot import new data. After 6 months we will delete your account and all data, including stored patient data. If you wish your data to be deleted prematurely, please contact us at


Are there any functionality restrictions during the free trial phase?

No, with the free trial version you can get to know all questionnaires and functions without any restrictions in content or functionality for 30 days.

What does it cost to use Idana?

In order to be able to use Idana as a resident doctor, you need to subscribe to Idana. Depending on the duration of the subscription, different monthly costs may be incurred or additional services such as questionnaire creation may be included. In all tariff options you can carry out unlimited surveys and you will receive a brief introduction via video telephony.

For clinics or hospital departments we offer a different price model. Please contact us for further information at

Which payment methods are supported?

Depending on the subscription, invoices are issued annually or monthly. You can pay these conveniently either by invoice or by automatic direct debit via the SEPA mandate.


I have noticed a mistake in the content.

Please send us an email to We are always grateful for suggestions how to further improve Idana!

I miss a specific feature.

Please send us an email to and describe what kind of feature you would like to use in Idana. We are happy to hear from you how to make our software even better!

Problem solved?

Did you find a bug in the software or suggestions for improvement? You require further assistance? Feel free to contact our support-team!

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