Download and try out Idana

Here you can download the Idana Desktop-Client, your command center for a digized assessment of the medical history.

System requirements: Windows 7 or more recent version

System requirements: Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9 or more recent version

Get started – it’s that easy!

Step 1:

Download & Install Idana

Select the appropriate installation file for your operating system and install Idana on any computer.

Step 2:

Create Your Account

Start the app and create a new user account by entering your e-mail and choosing a password.

Step 3:

Choose Your PIN

To complete the registration, log back into the app and select your PIN, which will encrypt and decrypt all data.

Step 4:

You're Ready for Take-Off

There’s nothing more to do! Activate the 30-day trial version in the PC/Mac application and configure your first survey with Idana.

You want to use Idana in real life environment?

You like Idana and want to use it  in your everyday life routines? Contact us for more Information regarding the English Version.

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The information provided by Idana may not be interpreted or used as a substitute for medical advice and therapy. The application is not intended to replace or provide a basis for medical diagnoses and/or treatments. The application is not a medical device according to its intended purpose. The provider accepts no liability for consequences resulting from the user or third parties using the data and information entered or generated.